What did I have for dinner?

hmm… I just had a coffee with a guy that had a hot chocolate because he thought it’s polite to do so, 2 beers with a girl who always makes me wanna drink, 1 glass of wine to wet the bun a friend for life gave me last week and another expresso shot with myself – to test my imagination.

Afraid, I am gonna fail? probably..

Damn, I hate when I am right!

That’s why sometimes I go wrong…

Like that post when I said Surfers are liars. Well guess what? I am a the only liar.

OH SHIeT, OH shiiiiiiet! did I? No, I didnt! oh, shieeet!!!

I lie to people who I like. I tell them shitty things so they’ll hate me which is the equivalent of stopping being nice to me which is…ripping the bandaid off.

Ah, you Romanians are mental! Never trust a woman who agrees with you!

That’s what he said!

you know, the Australian guy who wanted to marry me.

Well that was the first one, the second one went like this:

  • So, how long till you graduate?
  • a year..
  • Will you marry me after?
  • Why??
  • Because you will be smart!

Ps: sorry for the high-texting, but I think I miss you…

it makes no sense, right?

(and that’s why I hate it…because I am right again)


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