100 days down under

If there would be a movie about it, the first scene will show my tiny suede moccasins stepping outside the airport, looking up and saying to myself: girl, welcome to your dream!

Today, this girl is leaving her 100th day in Australia. And yes, this girl has a name. 😀


I had no plan when I came to Australia. I’ve been planning it so hard, I didn’t even think of a to-do list, but once here, everything fall into place. I started wishing the best things for myself and looking for them. Once found, I just said yes. Same with people, food and experiences. Now, after spending shit loads of money, I feel richer than ever!

I spent my first day in Melbourne in Fitzroy, on Gertrude with Brunswick Street – later I would find out is the place where a wonderful man lives (Felix Riebl). The same man who made me cry in front of thousands of people (literally) the other day. 🙂

I was lucky enough to be hosted by the sweetest Aussie couple and in the evening we had barbecue at their friends’ new house.  First day and I was already meeting the locals!

On my second day I was already surfing and making friends from all over the world. We were about 200 exchange students on a beach and I was the only one from Romania. ^^


I slept in four different places in the first week, but then I won the apartments lottery and moved on the 26th floor to the one suburb in Melbourne that intimidates everyone: Southbank! I lost count of the guys who ask for my phone number after I tell them where I live. It’s the dream place! Except it’s freaking expensive (is not for nothing called epic apartments). But hey, what kind of building offers you the best view, a pool, a gym, a tennis court and a concierge as your best friend for free?

They say if Melbourne and Sydney would be girls, Sydney is the girl you wanna fuck and Melbourne the one you wanna marry! Guess who I wanna be now? Melbourne is the most livable city, the cultural capital of Australia and the host of public bathing. Oh, did you know it was called Batmania before? After John Batman, one of its fathers.

One day I went for a walk and a stranger offered me a free ticket to the musical Disney Under the Stars. It was absolutely wonderful, took me back to my childhood!


I went to Sydney to surf and to check it out. I definitely found it attractive as fuck! So it’s true what they say… Once a guy leaves you for Sydney, you know he’s either gonna cheat you or he’s gonna fuck it and come back to your lovely melbournism. 🙂

I have made over 100 friends. People who I can always text and meet somewhere in the world again. India, Sri Lanka, Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, Canada, Finland, Holland, France, USA, Germany, UK, South Africa, Tasmania, New Zealand and so on. Australians are special though. They have all the cultures in the world in one. They collected and cultivated the first land on Earth with beautiful people, delicious foods, amazing art works and plenty of weird animals.


I haven’t party as much as you think, but I have eaten way more than you can imagine! I’ve been trying foods for the first time and it’s been amazing! Now, I just have to start loving my new body… which is not a beach one! Speaking of beaches – my favorite place to be – I’ve seen dozens, and still haven’t got tired of them. Cake on the beach! (Note to myself: to have it before I leave) 😀

Oh, one day I had a pool party:

One day I went to a Burning Man theme party and got a tattoo 😀



I’ve been trying and doing things for the first time of my life and everything that I’ve seen, heard or lived has had a huge impact. Nothing will be ever the same. But you have to be me or come down here to understand…


So now, I would rather go for a walk on a street with trees full of lights, a heal on the right and an art precinct on the left; with trams and calashes with horses caring Asians who wear umbrellas and silky gloves above their elbows. Where immense stone bridges would shadow fancy bars full of elegant figures having mimosas for brunch and seagulls will shit on thousands of padlocks.


I would rather go for a fancy dinner in Richmond, shop in South Melbourne market and have a coffee at St Ali’s where absolutely every piece of the menu (and staff) is delicious and a café with a hostess is all you need, trust me.


Or cook on a Saturday night while on the phone with a good friend from home.


One day I ate kangaroo. One day I realized there should be no races. Or maybe I completely forgot the reason why there is actually such a hardcore labeling for people. We are all made of flesh, we all have blood, brains, feelings, stories and can speak the same language. Why and when did we get so complicated?


One night I stopped next to two locals on their phones and told them “to stop calling me because I am here now”. I had no idea who they were, but one of them became my friend. Then these two passed by:


One day I went for a walk and I meth the Kardashians:


Another day I baked my first banana bread and it was absolutely the best I have ever had. And speaking of ever, never have I ever thought of me liking to cook so much… But hey, this comes with a different set of mind, years of experiences and love for food.


One day I slept in a Teepee where we had marshmallows in the camp fire and said funny stories.

One day I went for a pizza party and all I got was …shots, shots, shots! 😀

One day I got Trapt in Alice in Wonderland:

One day I got speechless on The Great Ocean Road…

Some days I take selfies in places to remember.

Yes, I’ve been in Australia for 100 days now and this has ruined my life. How can I go back? But I am planning to take with me the laid-back attitude, the good vibes and some food! But hey, I am not done yet!


See you later!!


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