kiss me, you fool

How was your first kiss like? not that one where you woke up on the dancing floor with something that felt like a potato in your mouth. The one after a whole day of chuckles, long walks, wondering conversation and wandering in general, your lips finally met and even the time stopped to stare. The first time you actually felt that strange warmth filling your whole body from head to toes and stops in your knees. That’s when you push yourself deeper into each other’s arms, you grab tight on your faces, blend your hands underneath your clothes, play with with your fingers behind ears and curiously open your eyes now and then… (daaamn, Daniel!)

full -2-.jpg
The world spins, the players stop singing, the sun goes down and you don’t know it yet, but you just got enamored with… most likely the wrongest person. In the earlier days of college you can easily fall in love with someone just because they are not like anybody you’ve met before and that’s enough.

But it’s just downright silly to try and pick a best time to have a kiss like that, don’t you think so? It’s always a good time to meet someone, get to know each other, fell in love and… well kiss the hell out of there! or stay. Try that emotional maturity and sweetness you struggle hiding all the time and go for it. Show some commitment and bravery. Kiss that one, you fool!

Now, that you finally agree one kiss can mean a million things, I invite you to watch these 9 different adorable situations when a kiss makes absolute sense. After that we can talk about eagerness, shyness, jollity, bravery, silliness, awkwardness, kindness, understanding and passion. Ok?


[can’t believe I have to pay to embed a video on WP?!! this is a no go for me]

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