Brain Coupling

This is one of many delicious espresso philosophical shots I get daily from my favourite futurist and media artist, Jason Silva. He’s one incurable romantic who seems to understands all my questions about human behaviourism. After my intense experience in Australia, I got this crazy idea of making an experiment and research on people who connect in-depth to see if their brains can resonate in the same time. And guess what? they do.
A researcher did this empirical study and called it “brain coupling”. What he did was to take romantic couples, best friends or people who speak each other’s languages and took some FMRI scans (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) on their brains. He found out these people’s brains were actually synchronizing.
So now, I know that when I meet that special someone and he comes into my life and smiles just in the right way, and I get the goose bumps from staring at the iris of the lover’s eye, I know that our brain waves are literally in sync. And so this is what we should look for when we connect with anybody. You wanna be like “Hey, you wanna brain couple with me? You wanna sit and talk and get naked in body in mind and couple our brain waves together? Because that’s what I am interested in. Skip the small talk and go straight to that inner subjective rapture. Let’s become one thing.”
Because that’s brain coupling.
Jason “Sexy” Silva

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