“What Would Vio Do?”

I’m doing ok. Planning a winter trip to Bali, with Ryan. Backpacking style. Want to hit up temples, do some meditating and reset overall. It’s considered the world’s purification spot… i’m hoping i’ll return renewed and grounded. I need some chill and drive. I want to return with a clearer head. I’m hopefully going to start an internship when i get back, and hit the job market by next summer or fall. Exciting and terrifying at the same time. What are u up to these days? What’s difficult to overcome? I’ve always felt i could play the “what would Vio do?”, i feel like you always seem to find the answers to what can help you grow. I think our biggest fear becomes the constraint of a boring repetitive job, one that stagnates our accumulation of knowledge. Then again, continuing to float around in endless degrees and post graduates only pushes that back… i’ve gotten so comfortable looking forward to being nursed by profs and curricula, that now i dread the day when i have to be a 9-5er. I might visit Europe in the summer, i’m looking into potentially moving to Berlin, but i want to see it first, and get a sense of it, before i dive in. People keep scaring me about Germany and how dismissive they are of outsiders, so i don’t know if i’d be willing to go through it again. And don’t say ‘come here’, i like the sun! Hahaha

 I like the sun too, babe! ❤

One thought on ““What Would Vio Do?””

  1. Reblogged this on FIXPINK and commented:

    the best thing about reading my previous posts and conversations with lovely people is seeing how much we grew by facing fears and living our dreams.
    we didn’t go to Bali, nor did we move to Berlin, but we sure did graduate, ended the internships’ era and became 9-5’ers. All good. After quite a few accomplishments, I also ask myself sometimes, “what would Vio do?” 🙂


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