So… I graduated (again).

July 2007 – January 2017. It looks like it took me a little longer than I expected, but hey, I graduated! Of 10 years, 5 Universities, 3 countries and 10 different rooms I had to share with other students or strangers. Tons of papers to read and so many courses I have no idea when they will use me or how. Ask me about some and I’ll probably won’t remember a thing. That’s how you get when you study too much. Burned out. So, now what?


A real job. Adulthood. Taxes. Loans. Debts. Long term plans. Responsibilities. A stable home. A husband? Hah. I should be able to get all of these with my degrees, right? 😀 It’s like getting out of High School again and I have no idea what I am gonna do with my life. But this time I won’t go to college. I am gonna try the real world.
So wish me luck!


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