How did I plan my future.

I was always concerned about my future. Well, I had to. Having a little brother to inspire and a very generous family to make them proud, helped a lot. It was 2 years before I went to high school when my father told me we should talk:

– Have you thought about which high school you wanna graduate from?

– Uhm…not really.

– Well, it is very important that you know what you want and start working for it. It won’t be easy to get accepted to a good school and you need to start thinking about your future.

– I think I wanna be a writer.

– A writer? That’s not gonna bring you wealth easily…but if you ask me, I think you should go for economics. That’s the future of this country.

Four years later, I was half way done with the Economical College (high-school), when my father asked me again about my future. I could not see myself doing Debits and Credits for the rest of my life so I told him I wanna become a journalist.

– Are you sure? You could have a pretty good salary working in a bank and you are good at it.

– No, dad, is just not me. I wanna study Communication Sciences and I wanna go live in the biggest city in Romania (Bucharest).

– Well, you can study Journalism, but I would suggest a closer city (Cluj-Napoca). It’s for the best…

Five years later I got all my family coming down to the second biggest city in Romania to celebrate my Bachelor Degree in Journalism.

I got my first job after high-school and I basically support myself ever since. Not because I didn’t get money from my parents, but because I wanted to be a strong independent woman. I never wanted to disappoint them, but in order to make some decisions of my own, I had to prove I am responsible enough. And guess what? 🙂

I always wanted to study abroad, so after 5 years of my education in Romania, I started another round of studies.

Although a million things have changed since I was a little girl, my father still asks me about my future every time we talk. Last week I told him I plan to become a Senator in Romania. Not that I have any idea how am I gonna do it, but at least I know it makes him happy.




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