29 everyday things that are incredibly Unsexy

  1. When they don’t text back
  2. When they say “nobody asked you to do that” extra chore
  3. When you get up early and they don’t even eat breakfast
  4. When they are wearing their home clothes but they smell bad
  5. When their dishes have leftovers on for days and they are somewhere else but the kitchen sink
  6. When you get flowers from your ex who is still not over you
  7. When you can tell there is nothing interesting about what they are saying
  8. When they don’t know your age and act like you are too young
  9. When they don’t know your age and act like you are too old
  10. When they put you on their backup list
  11. When they are too macho and too cool to treat you like a lady
  12. When they don’t remember to put the toilet seat down
  13. When you are flirting with someone and they ruin it because they can’t even tell
  14. When they don’t wanna meet your friends
  15. When they are afraid to show you affection or to tell you they love you
  16. When they are acting cold with you around their friends not to show them that they like you
  17. When you wake up freezing and they have all the blanket
  18. When you get to the restaurant 10 minutes later and they haven’t even ordered water
  19. When they laugh or sigh judgmentally at your Netflix list
  20. When they call you “bro” or “sister” after you slept together
  21. When they tell you they have been with other people while you were dating
  22. When they call you “sweetie” the day you introduce them to your fam
  23. When they can’t look into your eyes
  24. When they can never tell what you’re gonna say
  25. When they introduce you as “my friend” every single time
  26. When they don’t even read the articles you recommended
  27. When they make bad puns about things you care about
  28. When they don’t even remember their promises to you
  29. When they are just trying to be polite because they have no imagination on how to make a good conversation

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