How Men Ruined Dating For Me

It’s been 2 years since I wrote this piece and I’ve been reliving it every time I went on Tinder and back 😆
I dedicate it to my girl friend A. who went to her first Tinder date today and to another tinderella girl I just met today.
Enjoy dating!


I learned about the concept of dating when I came to Denmark. And it was only then when I realized people call “dating” something that I thought is just “hanging out with guys”.

When a Danish guy told me a date = When the guy asks you out and he pays for it I stopped letting men paying for my drinks and wasting their time (first reason why I am single, lonely and not that rich). Hard thing to let go since for me the idea of men paying for ladies’ drinks is as normal as opening doors. But in Denmark there is a strong concept of equality and the freedom of speech is at its best. So, beats me where chivalry has gone or whatever that is nowadays.

In Denmark I started dating because of a handsome young man who reminded me how stomach butterflies feel like. It was…

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