Rediscover this day

One year ago this day I was madly in love. Wondering, travelling, loving and eating my way through Australia. Oh, man, what a time. I still get the chills thinking about it. I remember though picturing this day as being different…

Two years ago this day I was in Copenhagen showing around and partying with one of my oldest friends visiting me. Distortion festival, long hair – didn’t care, kissing pretty boys and missing my favourite one. I remember I didn’t even have the courage to imagine my time in Australia…

Three years ago this day I was in the UK feeling lucky how sunny and pretty it was. It was a short trip I made to spice my way to Electric Castle Festival. I remember I just got accepted to IT University and needed to celebrate somehow… little did I know what that year will bring me along…

Four years ago this day I was moving out of my first apartment in Denmark, quitting my job and leaving to Romania for a long and sad vacation. Man, how many tears I spilt while tanning my skinny hot body (which I took for granted). I remember I had no idea why on Earth am I crying. But then, a few weeks later I decided to become this single and fabulous girl I am now. I remember how bittersweet that change felt…

Five years ago this day I was in Tenerife waiting for my parents to visit me and celebrating their silver wedding. I remember I was too childish and worried about my next year to picture of my own silver… things.

This year today… I am flying to Croatia to celebrate my parents’ 30 years of marriage. I am still childish, worried, dreamy, anxious, curious, lucky, naïve, single and adventurous to even picture what and where I am gonna be a year from now. I am actually excited. For some reason, looking back at all these memories now gives me hope that next year I will smile (again) and reminiscing on these good days… 🙂

rediscover this day
good times down under
exploring the world
exploring the world





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