I wanna ask you so many questions now…

I can’t stop thinking about you. Since this morning when I saw your Facebook wall full of memories people have of you… I can’t help thinking why? Why didn’t I say more to you when you were alive? Why was I afraid you gonna die, or that I will make you think about it when you didn’t need that. But then, how do I know what you needed to hear? I never asked you… I am sorry.

Remember when we met? Last year in June, we were both in the same coach from the airport to our tiny hostel in Cairns. Gosh, I know I am probably the millionth person saying this about you, but I’ve never met anyone more jolly and full of life while endless talking with their face smiling all over. I mean, how could you do it?? what made you live so high?

And then we started talking about homes, travels, boys, and dating. It was so cool finding we have dozens of things in common. The next day we explored the town, met Ryan and in the evening we went club crawling. When I introduced you to my friends, remember what you told them?

She’s the Romanian version of myself! If I’d be Romanian, I’d be this girl!

Seriously, that is still one of the best compliments I ever got. Coming from someone like you is just … freakin’ awesome! Thank you for saying that. ❤

That night was crazy, girl! you dragged me backstage to compete at a pole dancing competition. I chicken out, but you rocked! I was so proud hanging out with you.

I know we spent just a few days together, but the things we shared and the fun we had are all kept in memory forever. Also, I agree with all the things people in your life are saying today about you. The world has indeed lost a beautiful, brave, bright, kind and amazing person. However, thinking about a thousand times why you had to die, I came to the same conclusion every time. You are truly an example of a human being. We are all sorry you had to go through such hard times, beating leukemia once before, losing your dad, and spending the last year in hospital fighting cancer again. But we couldn’t be more grateful to you for showing us all what pussies we are. I mean seriously, your snaps from the hospital put me down every time thinking how tiny my shit is. And again, I am sorry I didn’t do more for you.

Imagine if you would have been living a normal, simple life without any tragic or extraordinary episodes. How many people would have thought of you as a hero, as an angel or “that girl” who can photobomb like a star? Not so many, I am sure.

How is it now, Georgie?

I bet you’re smiling. And you’re making other creatures laugh.

I would like to say thank you, girl, for making me think more about the quality of life. Also, I promise I am gonna smile every time your memory pops out my mind and I’ll remember life is short and worth living at its best!

With love,

your Romanian version.




RIP Georgie Stephenson 28.09.1990 – 06.09.2017 (Barwon Heads, VIC, Australia)

All my good thoughts go to her family and friends.

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