’19 Thanks-Givings

Today I wished I’d be some kind of an American, sitting at a table with lots of friends and family members eating that all those mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and just a little bit of that pie! I only did it once – joined a Thanksgiving dinner – and it felt so right! Maybe I was born with it? Maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybe next year?🦃 

I’ve sent my gratitude personally to a handful of wonderful people I would love to have at my thanksgiving dinner table, but there are some things I feel I could get away with publicly:  

  1. I really do appreciate that one person sending me internet jokes every morning to make me smile and for asking me how do I feel. It did made my week better so I will see you on Saturday night!
  2. Much love to my daily person ❤️ You are wonderful.
  3. Thankful for my wonderful sisters living in Canada, Australia, Germany and Switzerland for sending me life updates, pictures and voice messages. You ladies are my queens!
  4. Feeling so lucky having an amazing career mentor who inspires me and teaches me how to live a good professional life even outside the office.
  5. Really grateful for my manager who makes me wanna be better. And a star.
  6. So thrilled and grateful to my favorite Irish actor for loving me back (this is actually realer than it sounds). I wanna say you are my rockstar, but you are literally a movie star and… yeah, will see you soon!
  7. Appreciating my very spiritual Romanian friends who can take any of my weirdest thoughts and emotions into an insightful debate
  8. Many thanks to my family who is not annoying me anymore, aka not asking me to comply to the traditional beliefs. Not that they usually do, but today I really did not have room for living up to more expectations. Why do I even do that?? Oh yeah, to make people happy 🙂
  9. Thanks to this fucking awful weather that awakens me in so many levels…
  10. Thanks, Denmark, for making me live all my dreams, but also all my fucking fears. 
  11. Thanks to my office person. ❤️ u mate! I am soooooo proud of you. If you know it’s you, come by my desk today!
  12. Thank you, reader, for being curious. Your interest interests me. For reals. Please do engage with me on on that. 
  13. Appreciating my household dog. Pfff isn’t he the best? Not saying or judging anything and anyone. Not asking for anything. Adapting to everyone. 
  14. I am grateful to you, the one I kissed last time. My lips might have been too soft for you and that is okay but I did think of you, every single day. Because your lips left footprints…
  15. I am grateful to you, the ones who always think of me when something out of the ordinary happens and then you text or call. Way to go!
  16. I love to hear when you’re inspired. It gives me hope. And more purpose.
  17. I am happy to share with you. Even my food, and even when you’ve been emptying my emotional bank account. 
  18. On that matter, much appreciate it when someone is chipping in with their emotions. You are my heroes! The modern currency I am working on is expensive af.
  19. And finally, thanks 2019, for being a motherfucker! You made quite a few of my wishes come true and I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Much appreciate it!

Yours truly,


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