I actually googled that so don’t bother. It is day number 333 and I don’t even think about magic numbers.

I feel so empowered today, from the highest point to the lowest, so here you go:

  1. The SKY is blue again in Denmark, thing I haven’t seen for too many weeks now. I am sitting in a café half underground and I have to look up to see the road, the buildings and the sky is reflecting perfectly in all the windows .
  2. My DREAMS are… stupid. I am having night dreams that exhaust me as I have no interest in living them. The daily ones, which I learned they were pretty much inspired by tons of movies or books I read, are confusing me. I don’t know how I feel about my dreams anymore, because someone just broke it for me: some dreams are meant to never happen because it is in their nature and purpose to stay as just dreams…
  3. I am focusing on GOALS instead. They are my motivation to walk through the society’s shadows, adapt, fit and get somewhere. Can be really exhausting, especially with high expectations of my one and only… self.
  4. My FEELINGS are not being protected enough for the value they have. I hold an emotional bank account that is being robbed quite a few times at the expense of my desire to give and trust in the good outcome. I do TRUST more than I don’t. Because, uhm I am unaware of consequences?
  5. I have the NEED of being trusted, of connecting over trust and discover the true colors of people’s minds and guts! along with eating, sleeping or traveling. Oh, and shopping, because I tend to confuse my wardrobe with my heart. Well, it’s a hobby!
  6. I believe there is a SOUL in everyone. Maybe this should be higher up on this scale? Stop the overthinking now. I don’t know how to describe the ‘soul’ but I would place it in a personal religion where you can visualize it in the universe as a weird shape of energy. Your color!
  7. I think my BODY is not being loved enough. I know, my fault solely. It starts in my head where things have to be perfectly in shape, in touch and in the moment. Yup. Pretty utopian. But hey, today I feel good. Not wearing makeup, not wondering who notices, not wearing a bra, nor hiding too much. I am actually sitting in a window right now. More about my body on a personal level in a different journal entry, ok?
  8. Why is my MIND taking so much space? Sometimes things happening up there have no grounds in this world. I love my mind, but I hate my capability to share it at its real potential. I mean, why can’t I make people feel more, do more, see more of this world? Oh wait, think this is my damn personal frustration projected on everyone else. Maybe I need HER (having everything revealed), an alchemist of my essence.
  9. My FRIENDS are smirking right now because they have a bit of my power from all my fantasies I shared with them. You are welcome! (smirking right back at ya).
  10. OTHER PEOPLE, you, maybe, will think afar from my essence. That is interesting to me. I respect and encourage everyone’s guts, ways and calls, but… yeah. Let’s have the ‘but’ later and in person.
  11. DEAD PEOPLE are new to me now. It is the first time in my life I am thinking about dead people and trying to learn how not to be scared, accept them and feel nothing.
  12. Same with ISSUES and FEARS which I left at the bottom of the scale as they are the ones I want to think the least today.  
The guy behind me is everything in this picture.

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