Hey you.  Remember when I said let’s fall in love for the night and forget in the morning?  Cause I am the girl your girl hoped that you wouldn’t have eyes for?  Remember when I said you shouldn’t waste your eyes on jealous girls? Thought I knew every line you like. I like to push my luck and I know better than to call you mine.  Let’s just take a drive, get out of here, you said.  I said no, let’s hug and call it a night.  No touching you said, I said okay, and then you kissed me on the cheek.  We loved our nerdy stupid talking shit, cause talking shit is cheap and we talked a lot of it.  Now you’re gone.  I feel like I lost a friend like ice in the summer heat.  I lost my friend and all I do is write about him.  Going crazy… How the hell did I lose a friend I never had? I’d say I am sorry and I’d apologize again, if I thought it might make a difference. 

Hey you.  Good morning. I am sure you’re busy now, why else would you ignore me?  Maybe your mind has changed again and… feel happy to love someone who lets you break them twice? Fuck it. Go ahead and break my heart again, let me wondering why the hell I ever let you back in.  And don’t blame it on me. You were the one who said goodbye then kissed me half a year later. That same perfume, those same ocean eyes.

Hey you.  I don’t miss you at all. I swear I don’t.  I won’t break down and drunk text you again. Promise I won’t.  Cause I don’t miss you at all.  I don’t get distracted by the memories of your whispers and lips and words and arms on my hips… 

Crush, who’s got a crush?? Touch, who wants to touch??  You said ‘no’ to staying up all night.  Crash, I like how you crash your lips into mine.  You wanna play with fire? I wanna play by your side.  Tell me something I don’t know!  I wanna scratch your surface, I wanna feel your groove, but you’re scared of too much fun. I am sad.  Congratulations, you’ve been pretending to be my friend. Might even fool me, but now I know better and we’re not the same. Nothing good lasts forever. Nothing bad as well. I always thought I needed you, before you left to USA. I called you my own sun, when you told me I’m just a moon.  You said my lips are too tasty and I said they are not for you. Was I never in your head, not even half as often as you were on my mind?

Hey you.  Please, forgive me, if I don’t make any sense, I must’ve lost my mind.  You’re the scars on my heart, you’re the past I don’t wanna erase, you’re the words on my lips that have left but I still seem to taste.

 Don’t worry, I will be fine. But I am not tonight.

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