Hello! You are definitely a one, he said. 

A one?  She asked.

Yes, girls are either ones or zeros. Ones are those you would fuck and zeros are the ones you would never. 
It’s funny how they still have this insight even after 7 years of not fucking. His birthday wishes coming always have a reminder that she is still a one. No pressure, guys! 

One day I will be as hot as you! He told this to the girl obsessed to make him love her.

A few years later, she meets him to see he actually kept his promise. He looks perfectly fit and is hitting on her… She is only relieved because she feels zezo sexual things for him now.

Because it was never the looks, but how he made her feel at that time. She thought she wasn’t smart enough, he thought he was not hot enough. So now they are just acquaintances disturbing each other here and there whenever there is a trigger making them wonder what if… they hadn’t have a binary code for their hearts.

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