Why Do Flies Shit On The Mirrors?

He was unimpressed by the perfectly made bed, hotel table arrangement or the candle lights on the commode. He did not notice my jittery satisfaction when everything was ready as a guest of honor would appreciate it in effect. That pineapple pin placed strategically on top of a pile of messy golden jewelry, presumably what I only wear, although I was wearing my silver long necklace to shape down the deep cleavage. It was like he did not see anything compelling to stop and linger. He flew slowly and strategically to the tiles of mirrors on top of my desk, my makeup table, my fixed space near the wardrobe. There, on the second tile to the right he stumbled upon and pry… 

What’s wrong with you? I asked him bewildered by the unexpected compound we formed. 
I dont like chocolate.  I said I already knew that so it doesn’t count. I wanted more colossal reasons to cease my anguish. 
I’m a bad loser. I actually hate losing and am super competitive so I’m massively salty if I lose. This signaled my flaws too, but I did not admit it. I don’t have patience for incompetence. It’s hard for me to grasp someone not being able to figure something out quickly enough. Uh, I put my mouth close enough to sip some wine, but he carries on: If something is an issue or bothers me I don’t say so right away. Not because I’m burying it, but because I’m trying to take a step back and think and, or analyze what is happening. Regardless of it being for the best it can definitely be frustrating in the moment for someone. And how is that a flaw? I react impulsively. I wish I would be that considerate, but in fact I would just say what it bothers me right there. 
Oh, on second thought, perhaps that’s why I haven’t heard from him? I need to drink that wine now to melt the sorrow buried in my stomach. What did I do wrong? At that point I was still mesmerised by his chocolaty skin. I wonder whether that could be the reason he doesn’t like chocolate? May it be he doesn’t like himself much? But since we are so much alike, could that explain why he doesn’t fancy me as I crave for? Many creatures still cannot comprehend what is happening when they see their own reflections. In a blink of an eye he was gone and all he left was this perfectly round dark spot. Right there on the second tile to the left of my mirror. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why do flies shit on you of all? 

There are around 17 quadrillion million flies on Earth. Way too many for our imagination, but whilst they are considered pest and we’d think we’d be better off without them, it turns that flies can actual pollinate plants like the cacao plants or tea tree. No flies, no chocolate. Oh and I do like chocolate. The irony, innit? 

Emotions run deep and twisted for me at this point. I am telling myself this fly is fearless as a million years old rock. He is kind but not nice. With a light-hearted spirit that always helped him to achieve personal satisfaction, he was never interested to be liked and accepted by others. He is one genuine fly who is not afraid to look stupid and likes it to be emotionally detached, that’s how he can fly away without too much dependency. Fear is inevitable and this fly will even chase it, that’s why he can see behind his back, but if he feels like my mirror is one place to shit on, he’ll go right into it. Where in your life can you feel the fear and do it anyway? 🙂

The damage a poor choice can result is often requiring an intervention. However, the moment and the crowd for it shall remain a surprise. Let’s improve how we identify and understand errors of judgement and choice of the places we shit on. Eventually any place can merely be just another self. The gossip, identifying faults in other peers, comes more facile than admitting the faults in our stars. Well, like Shakespeare said, ‘the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, for we are underlings’.
Maybe flies shit on themselves when they see how darling they are. Or perhaps they just shit on themselves when they finally see how unsightly they look. Or maybe they found out mirrors can help them time travel so they wanna go into another life. Ha! my imagination, such a cheap courtesy to a pest kind. Who thought such an unexpected creature can be inspiring in times where people are expressing their deepest emotions so publicly?

Wherever he may lie and shit on, I imagine this fly is laughing at all of us right now, and at life itself. He is the unconventional type that doesn’t hesitate about making decisions, because he has no fear of unknown. His fearlessness is more than power and control, too bad is only gonna last around thirty days. Now, as much as I would like my imagination to continue and say that what I am looking at right now on my mirror, it’s a black dot spawn so graciously from wisdom and self-awareness, I won’t! It’s probably something he ate on his way here. Crossing seas is never too easy. 

I never liked flies anyway! 

PS: if your answer to my question on why flies shit on the mirrors is because they shit everywhere, you are right!

Flies look and feel weird, they eat disgusting things and shit every four to five minutes! They don’t own teeth, but a long tongue which spits acidic saliva on anything needed to be melted and sucked up. Some flies even like blood, some like shit, some like the food we eat and sleep when we sleep… they actually like to sleep near their food source. Ha. Just like those humans who own a small refrigerator in their bedroom. Did you know flies and humans have some genes in common? Well this is where the refrigerator in the bedroom idea.

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