who is this fixpink?!


After the realization set in that she will not be making it as a Hollywood actress or the next Simona Halep (she wasn’t close), this girl spent many nights trawling the Internet, then diving into the offline world for her dream role.


You would say that the past 9 years spent she spent in 5 Universities and 3 different countries, not only that gave her heaps of information but helped her design a framework for self-understanding and development. You might be right, but she is not there yet. She worked in different fields starting with media production, journalism, marketing, digital communication, hospitality, and education which also enabled herself to develop effective strategies for interaction and responding to the demands of various environments. Busy girl, right?

Energetic, enthusiastic, responsible, conscientious and persuasive, she is stimulated by challenges and often shows ingenuity in meeting them. Especially when it comes to relationships. At her best in ones which deal with guys, she might dislike impersonal tasks and remarks. At times, events can overwhelm her and she may find it almost impossible to say “No”, even when the demands are unreasonable.

Oh, and she speaks her personality.


2013: It started out with a kiss and it ended up like this!

Rolling eyes, big lips, and red cheeks!

“A skirt and beautiful necklines. the boy looked into her eyes and couldn’t live there for long…he walked away, she let him go.”

I was made out of love and that’s the only way I wanna do things around here 🙂



Check out my stories, they are quite funny; and real. 🙂

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