Caress my soul

Sunday I fell in love. I know, I know... I fall in love every day. But this time was with someone on the radio. I've been listening to this band before, but never paid any attention nor cared to check it out. But this Sunday something triggered it. Been listening to all their songs, watched... Continue Reading →


a 10 minute feature

“You are too old for me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have always been sexually attracted to you, but I don’t think I can live up to your expectations.” That’s what he told me last night. At 2 am while I was busy feeling good and getting enough attention, he came by my... Continue Reading →

kiss me, you fool

How was your first kiss like? not that one where you woke up on the dancing floor with something that felt like a potato in your mouth. The one after a whole day of chuckles, long walks, wondering conversation and wandering in general, your lips finally met and even the time stopped to stare. The... Continue Reading →

Message In A bottle

I am not 21. I am not even 27... Probably by now you know how old I am and whatever you think it has a “damn” in it. No, pretty sure it’s more like a “Daaaaaaamn!” Damn what? Damn, girl, you don’t look like? Damn, aren’t you old for this shit? Damn, you don’t sound... Continue Reading →

Single bells

Hello! It's me. Single and fabulous. I just called to saaaay I Love You!  What? Can't one just do this once in a lifetime just because life is beautiful, Santa is coming and there are a lot of parties in town?  I know, I know. You are emotionally unavailable, you have a girlfriend, we don't... Continue Reading →

When you fall you fly 

I think it's about time you admit that you have a crush on me! - I admit. What now? - I want that and that and that too. I want you to give me at least everything I gave you and well of course, don't get boring. Confessions always bring misery and punishment is required.... Continue Reading →

achy breaky heart

Windy, rainy and darky weather these days in Copenhagen, people.  But this is also the forecast for my achy breaky heart... For more than a year when I didn't even get jealous or interested in any of my exes girlfriends, well let's just say I started counting the days and hours till I see my... Continue Reading →


You are still my favorite book, the one I can read a thousand times and the plot will still be unpredictable. You are unputdownable. You are my all-time confounded story. So confusing, so surprising, with every single reading. I turn the pages and my mind won’t stand still. Always reading between the lines. Compulsively. You... Continue Reading →

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