killer way (not) to kill a crush

I couldn’t move. We were standing in the middle of that one place that I always fantasize to “trash” with an extreme desire and passion for the human love. It wasn't the elevator. I don't think we were hugging but our bodies were placed tight one onto the other and it felt like two halves put... Continue Reading →


My 12 hours relationship

I was never in love with him. I thought I was though... It was chemistry at first sight, no doubt. Even now I tremble when I think of our first kiss. Mmm.. That was one perfect match. Tinder match. I guess I am a sucker for good kisses. I am one of a helluva kisser myself and... Continue Reading →

The poor hasty actor 

I know him for a long time but I don't know anything about his life and, to my shame, I am afraid to ask. He is one fascinating man. The spawn of a loving mom and a model dad. Good looks run in the family and he's so aware it sometimes he hates it. I... Continue Reading →

vomiting rainbows

I hate going to bed alone. The moment when I let go of my phone it starts. Fear, uncommon thoughts and right after I think I will vomit if I don’t close my eyes, I grab my phone and fool my brain again. Sometimes it takes me hours to let myself fall in the world... Continue Reading →

achy breaky heart

Windy, rainy and darky weather these days in Copenhagen, people.  But this is also the forecast for my achy breaky heart... For more than a year when I didn't even get jealous or interested in any of my exes girlfriends, well let's just say I started counting the days and hours till I see my... Continue Reading →


This is one of those Sunday mornings… when you wish for someone to wake you up with feather kisses and slow touches in a bright sunlight and a chilly breeze coming from an opened window. You are half asleep, half naked and only worrying about your breath being a turn off so he better stop... Continue Reading →

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