Girl Flying High

Damn girl, you’re flying high! This is all I can think of since yesterday when I booked no less than 10 flights for 2016! Say whaaat?! I know!!! I am gonna be travelling the shit out of me next year and I couldn’t be more excited!!! 😍

I have been preparing for this since last year when …actually I have no idea how I came up with this idea of living in Australia and New Zealand. But the coolest thing is that I made it happen. So I am gonna do it! I am gonna be visiting New Zealand and be studying in Australia for the next 6 months. Now how freaking cool is that??! Oh boy, oh boy!!!

Are you gonna miss me when I am gone? I’ll be only 17, 995 kilometers away! 😱



Ps: I am subrenting my room for 6 months while I am flying high. Contact me if your dream is to live in Copenhagen 😁

Romania – The Widow Drama Queen

Friday night some fireworks killed 31 people and injured up to 200 others who were attending a rock concert in the Romanian nightclub, Colectiv. After 3 days I started having stomach burns like never before and went to see a specialist. It turned out they were caused by a lot of stress and discomfort I felt while reading Romanian feeds. Not joking!

After reading horrible article titles, desperate comments and seeing one sick picture with dead bodies, I realized I am disgusted by the whole industry and the poor procrastination of lots of my friends. Mass Media wrote in a manner I have never learned during those 5 years when I was studying journalism. “Their skins were pouring all over” – since when is this a title or even an accepted description of a news event? But this is Romanian media. Touching subjects like the dead people and their “pouring skins”, their families who are in shock, the survivors who are even more shocked, the firemen who started crying, the janitors with poor families that we need to donate for, the PM who is an idiot, the president who posts too much on FB – oh, btw, he has the best PR in the country so next time you should vote for the PR instead – and every single Romanian soul (who, apparently is guilty by nature). You don’t make out of a drama something even more dramatic. As a kid I was terrified watching the news, but now I get illnesses because of it. I am not shocked of the events in the nightclub as much as I am shocked of what media and lots of my friends post and share on Facebook. I had to read The Guardian‘s articles to actually understand and have a clear view of what happened.

I am extremely disgusted of everything I read in Romanian about this event. I know I have left the country years ago, but part of my heart was always there and I care to be the change for Romania. Not for sparing it of me for years, but for educating myself and those who I get to meet whenever I go back. Cuz I am bringing home everything I learn and it’s only to make a difference in someone’s life. Like I did with mine. I am proudly saying ROMANIA every single time someone asks me where do I come from. And I will always do.

But now I feel sick! Why do you (Romanians) need to emphasize all the shit you are in and wasting so much energy blaming and hating others? Yes, people have died in a fire while attending a concert, but how much of that is a reason for you to “wake up and throw rocks at those You voted for?” I’ve seen shares of posts and videos with so called celebrities who swear and fuck the president they voted for. Are you fucking kidding me? Look inside, people! Stop carring what others do and think. If you voted for a wrong president the only one to blame is you!! Cuz you don’t know yourself better to make good decisions and it’s so much easier to blame those who don’t even do shit. Well, I guess that’s another problem which you’re gonna march for a better country. Just be careful not to burn yourself while lighting candles or fireworks to point out you are thousands in the streets (and make a difference). 😐

I chose to write this in my poor English mostly for my future self and some people who I am hopping they will know what I mean. Also because I would’ve use a lot more dirty words in Romanian to blame someone for my stomach burns (and those being a lot of angry people who can’t see they are the ones who are angry at). Because I am a drama queen. Just like my mother country, which now acts like a Black Widow Master Drama Queen. Must be that time of the month…

I am sorry, but I think Romania is a nice country where, if you have good knowledge, positive attitude, resources and networking you can have great experiences. And if your are unfortunate enough to be born there without so many from the above, then my darling, just work your ass off a little bit harder and taste the rewards. It’s simple as that, because if I can do it, then so do you!

One year ago I was waiting in front of the Romanian Embassy, in Denmark, for 2 hours just to vote for Klaus Iohannis. I have no idea what that man has done for me back, but I am pretty sure it was the right call since the other option only would’ve done worse. I am not embarrassed with the Romanian president, nor proud of representing me. But I cannot blame the guy for the death of 31 people in a club. No offence, but that’s just… Sad.


May they all rest in peace and may none of those who like to party die in such pain.

Breaking rules in the Datingland!

Summer is coming and I miss having champagne at 2pm near Chriastianshavn with a guy I just met… Ah, I will always remember Mathias for that date. #tbt to my Tinder dates

It’s been a while since I left Tinder and for about the same time, Tinder’s little sister, Miss Bumble has been growing in the app store. Apparently, Tinder’s mother, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble after she sued Tinder’s father for sexual harassment (not shit) to get a little more revenge (and because she wasn’t over the guy). Bumble is a social discovery app that “promotes a safe and respectful community” where “you’ll never get unwanted messages” and your suggestions will be more relevant than the “dead-end matches” you find on “other, more shallow apps.” For more official info click here.


The trick is that Bumble is a niche dating app where women have the luxury to go first. Well, say hello to chivalry! Ladies first! Mmmm! Me likey. It’s not feminist at all. It’s just another way to let the women in the driving seat without having men saying “women cannot drive”. Ok, maybe just a little bit feminist… 😛 But beating Tinder at his own game? That’s a helluva challenge, I might say.

Some call it Tinder’s competition while others say it’s exactly the same (due to the work of the same designers), but Bumble it’s more selective. Tinder has become the dating pool of drunk guys who rank girls with their friends and for girls to fish some #tindernightmares. Or swiping on the toilet (guilty as charged). There is no emotions and no real stuff in there anymore (well except the toilet part). But that’s just me. I’ve been Alice in Tinderland for a year and I learned some stuff. But because I miss the excitement of getting to know someone on a screen with only few clues and the possibility to be asked on a date, I will give Bumble a change. Plus, I’m heading to Australia, I need an e-friend to begin with.

Bumble is quite fun, relaxing and challenging actually. On Tinder I’ve never started a conversation, because I am that old fashioned and because I hate the rejection, ignoring or leaving the impression that I am already into the guy. Plus, he wouldn’t work his ass (I mean brain) at all after that. Well now, it’s worst: on Bumble I have to break the ice every single time and I just realized I suck at pick-up lines! Men, now I get why you sound so boring and silly at the beginning! Is there a book for getting good at this?

My first pickup line on bumble was not that bad. I just said that “I have no idea what to say that would not be a chiche. Hopefully you won’t smell my beginner moves here. But…how you doin?”  The guy said the question was good and while I thought I played smooth and throw the ball in his court, he didn’t help so I had to continue. 😛 Had a nice conversation about my landing in Bumbleland and how after 10 minutes the game was over and he was my only match. He called me picky. I admitted. What?! I told you I am not good at this…

“Looks like you’re out of people… Check back soon or invite some friends!” Dayum… Story of my life!

There are not hot guys, girls. There are all geeks who studied IT or have weird jobs in Danish companies. This is another extra feature. Bumble imports the last job and studies from Facebook. Most of them are international. Obviously they are shy. Would not say a word until you allow them and they will feel very bad cause you’re not the compliment type, right? Haha. Also, your match expires in 24 hours if you don’t say anything to the guy. And another exciting part of Bumble is that each guy can extend another 24h for one girl per day. Muhaha, more stalking! I think this is a happy digital start of a world where sexual equality is not even a matter. It is just a fact and an accepted one.

Now excuse me, I have some dating to do! 😉

Help A Sister Out!

My parents are not working in the military nor are they filthy rich! I moved out first when I was 15 and since then I haven’t had a place to call it “home” for more than 3 years. After high-school I’ve been switching dorms every year until I got a boyfriend who actually rent out a place just for me to move in with him. Oh, good old times…

I left Romania in 2012 to live for 6 months in an old apartment hotel. Yup. I even had a pool and it was 500m close to the beach in one of the hottest Canary Islands. But I gave up to all that comfort to come to study in Denmark. I was quite broke at the beginning so I had to share a penthouse with 4 other people and a dog. The worst was the location: 50km away from Copenhagen. Oddly I was happier there than in Tenerife. 😛

Step by step, in less than 2 years, I ended up in the middle of the city sharing one great apartment with a Danish guy. I was really excited moving in with a Dane! And I was extremely lucky. He’s one of the smartest people I know and he’s a king in the kitchen! He’s really quiet and all, but even though I tried my best not to disturb him, he wants to live alone…in a 3 room apartment and I totally get that! If you can afford it, why the hell not? Well, this means I have to find another place. And I hate it!!! I really don’t wanna move out…especially now that I am planning my exchange program in Australia for next winter. I have to work hard and save lots of money!!

I like to keep myself busy, therefore I am a full-time student with 2 part-time jobs and lots of friends I love to hang out with. Not to mention summer is coming and I freaking plan to fall in love every single day! After 2 great summers here, not even Bali attracts me anymore. Sunny Copenhagen it’s simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

Finding a place to live in Denmark is terrible. Exhausting, depressing and almost impossible. I’ve been writing novels about me to at least 30 strangers so far, but very few bothered to even reply. I am running out of ideas how to convince people how awesome I am… If only I could impress my roomie somehow to bare me a few more months until I get a room in this perfect Dorm I found (Egmont H. Petersens Kollegium)!  ❤ oh my, oh my!!!! there is my place! Fingers cross, people!


So, this post is supposed to find me a temporary room (or something forever if it’s possible)…anything that matches what I am looking for:

  • A simple room that I can call it “home”
  • Somewhere in Copenhagen – maxim 40 mins biking (my style) to CBS
  • Maximum 4.000 kr (right now I am paying way less and everything it’s included)
  • Unfurnished/furnished – it doesn’t matter I have everything I need already
  • Shared only with great people! Sweet, lovely, kind, fun, open, food lovers (well a lot of things lovers) flexible, smart – u get the point. I am extremely adaptive so if you’re missing one or two qualities, don’t worry, I will do! 😀

…therefore HELP A SISTER OUT!  Send me links, contact me, leave a comment, anything!

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!



Mutatul in Danemarca

Iar trebuie sa ma mut. In ultimii 10 ani am locuit in peste 10 apartamente… like a foster child. Desi sunt satula sa nu am locul meu, stiu ca nici cel de luna viitoare nu e permanent. In apartamentul de acum am stat 5 oameni si un caine/4 fete, un baiat si o corcitura numita Zazu. Saracu caine ce ne-a mai disperat…bine ca si-a convins stapanele sa isi caute alt loc si sa plece (acum 3 luni). De atunci am decorat si petrecut intr-un penthouse cu chirie de 1500 de euro intr-un orasel micut langa Copenhaga. E super fain si il recomand celor care studiaza aici (Køge).

Contractul expira luna asta si saptamana viitoare trebuie sa predam cheile. Gasitul unei chirii in Danemarca e de 10 ori mai greu decat gasitul unui job in Romania. Sunt prea putine apartamente date in chirie pentru numarul cautatorilor. Foarte multi studenti isi subinchiriaza camerele pe perioada verii, dar mult mai multi vin sa studieze din toamna sau au internship in Cph. Conexions, conexions and goodluck!!! De asta ai nevoie sa gasesti ceva, mai ales pana in 500 de euro (de persoana) pe luna. Listele de asteptare au oameni care asteapta si ani pentru in apartament, iar proprietarii dau cu banul sa aleaga un chirias – prea multi si toti disperati.
Vara e nasol cand trebuie sa pleci acasa sau in internship cateva luni si nu poti subinchiria ca trebuie sa faci ceva cu toate lucrurile si e scump si asta. Dar poti inchiria o boxa, dona sau vinde pe retele sociale. Eu de cateva saptamani am scos tot la vanzare; din pacate am uitat sa vand bunuri…si nu am noroc 😦 anyway!

2013 imi aduce noi schimbari: o relatie la distanta, un apartament nou, un job nou si un internship in Copenhaga. Toate noi si noi is toate. Sper sa fiu tare! Am nevoie de energie si putere sa le duc pana in 2014, dar sper sa ma distrez un pic mai mult decat pana acum. 🙂

Hai sa va arat apartamentul asta dragut de care o sa imi fie dor:
Camera mea super spatioasa:


Balconul mai mare decat camera mica:


Bucataria plina de urme de gatit:


Sufrageria super spatioasa si cu ecou:


Niciun lucru nu a fost cumparat – toate sunt primite sau gasite. Si au fost de 3 ori mai multe, dar le-a luat Zazu cu el in martie cand a plecat. Macar acum nu am stresul mutarii lor. Apartamentul urmator este hiper mobilat. Nu o sa am loc nici de cutii :)) o sa fie iar oameni noi si alta ruta de naveta dar macar in oras circula autobuzele dupa ora 12 :p

Ne vedem acasa? Daaaaa!!!



Happy everything to me

It’s 10:16. Should’ve been at school 2hours earlier and i am just in the first bus. It’s so sunny outside but i still cant wake up and be in time for classes. Today i am only going to school to be kissed. And say thank you. It is my birthdaaaaaay 😀

So i will go to school then shopping for an outfit. I am planning something to ve remembered for 😉 stay tune!!!!! And THANK YOU! :*

T-Dance Fashion Show!

Primul FASHION & DANCE SHOW din Cluj-Napoca!


Transilvania Dance Centre prezinta T-Dance Fashion Show! Un eveniment inedit prin care dansatorii isi prezinta hainele de dans. Tineri designeri vestimentari isi vor putea prezenta creatiile in care vom vedea costume pentru Salsa, Zumba, Balet sau Hip-hop. Zeci de tineri dansatori vor dansa in haine special create pentru coregrafiile lor.


Invitati din lumea muzicii: Timea Antal si trupa ALL IN I


Duminica, 29 ianuarie, ora 18:00, in incinta IULIUS MALL.



Marea surpriza a evenimentului estes lansarea primei colectii de haine de dans semnata T-Dance!!


Va asteptam in pasi de dans cu moda la un eveniment extraordinar de moda prin dans!