Why Am I Not A Good Girl

If you’re a bad girl, send this article to a good girl. If you’re a good girl, you gonna keep reading.

My best friend just sent me an article that started like that. Was I offended? nah. I just forwarded it to all the good girls I know.

All my friends are good girls. Too good. Way too good for their men, bosses or friends! I don’t tell that to them often, but when I do is to make them feel empowered and to help their wilderness coming out. And the best part is that when it happens, guess who is the first they call? That’s right. I am that bitch!

Good girls please everyone. I just like to be pleased.

Good girls always work too much, too hard and still wondering if they did enough. I am just wondering.

Good girls always say they’re too good. That’s because they have girls like me sharing all our shit and they always feel better about themselves. They say yes to everything while I am limited to chocolate, challenges and good times!

The only time good girls don’t listen is when they cheat on their diet. After cheating on my diet every day, I realized I don’t even listen to myself!

Good girls always have excuses and they will excuse themselves from everything. My excuse is simple. I am just a bad girl. Maybe I should be a batgirl? Wonder who’d be my Batman? Sorry, my ADHD kicked in for a sec.


fixpink batgirl


Good girls stay out of any kind of conflict. I am a magnet for them. Just like I am for all the bad boys.

Good girls are waiting for prince charming. My prince charming is waiting for me.

Good girls sleep and dream about him right now. I am wide awake, dirty and, instead of taking a shower, I am writing this piece for you.



PS: for more advice on how to be a bad girl, call my manager! oh, wait I don’t have one cuz nobody can manage me. 😆😈

PPS: I’ll add this to my #365givechallenge as the 52day of giving really important advice (and making you feel a bit better about yourself)

achy breaky heart

Windy, rainy and darky weather these days in Copenhagen, people.  But this is also the forecast for my achy breaky heart… For more than a year when I didn’t even get jealous or interested in any of my exes girlfriends, well let’s just say I started counting the days and hours till I see my crush. But this is not just pissing me out, but even people I don’t know their last name get to hear me winning about it. I guess it has been a year when everyone got themselves “one of those things called girlfriends” and I was just spending too much time online and being too lazy to go out. Oh well, lemme just quote from porn hub’s tweets: “karma is like 69 – you get what you give.” 😁
The other day I was waiting for a friend outside of a store and while with one hand I was holding my bike with the other one I was checking Tinder messages and guess what I dropped? MiPhone (because the bike was the better choice). But right there, coming from the unknown of real-life, 2 guys pick up my phone and didn’t walk away without saying: “Tinder is dangerous!”

Damn it. I grinned and felt such an idiot. They were right even though I was really only checking … but then I kept thinking wtf am I still doing on Tinder?! I mean I get so many weird texts that it makes me want to drop my phone. Like this one:

 Hi Viorela,

you probably wonder why I added you. I saw you on tinder and your first name is quite unique, so it was easy to find you here.

Dont worry, I am not a stalker. I just thought about your tinder text and you are absolutely right. It´s really a pain in the ass to find a good partner in this city, especially as a foreigner.

I can promise you 2 things:

1. I am serious about finding someone, not like a lot of other people on tinder (both genders) who are just looking for a hook up.

2. I am a foreigner and also dont understand the danish way of dating (you know, dont talking unless they are totally drunk, then have sex and on the next morning pretending not to know you)

If you like this mail, lets go out for a date. I am not that fashion oriented as you are – might be the difference between studying IT and working in IT, but I am a nice guy 😊

Have a lovely weekend


This guy deleted me after I spent 18 hours thinking of a decent reply. I guess I will just post it here since I am so unique and easy to find!

Dear Jan,

Damn, boy, you got me so wrong! First of all, me not liking your profile was the first sign we are not a match. Then it comes my description. Really?! I mentioned jobs and apartments in the same line and level as boyfriends as being on one’s searching list in this city. But I get your focus on love life since we were o Tinder and you worked your IT skills to find me on Facebook. But I can tell you 2 things about me:

1. My kind of seriousness on finding someone is definitely not on Tinder. Which actually makes me one of those who are just looking for a hookup. Actually, I was also looking for jobs and apartments 😉

2. I am a foreigner but I have never had such amazing dates like the ones Danes offered me and more importantly: thought me. I actually learned how to date here and, yeah I can totally get drunk and forget your name forever if I want to, but I know to make the most nervous or cocky guy remember mine forever too. Yes, after one date!

Now, if you are still stalking me and see this, please don’t bother asking me out again. We were never a match and even though you might be a nice guy, I will never fall for that.

Have a nice life!


Now, I m sure there are thousands of special girls out there who are dying for this kind of love stories, but this guy wasn’t even good looking for my shitty tastes in men. You can call me a big of an ass right now and I don’t blame you, but I know what and who I want (even though he’s just not that into me and my mom told me to hold my horses).

Oh well… Goodbye Tinder guys, 7th edition. Guess breaking my phone and getting a new story is what I needed 😉

PS: I haven’t told my crush I wanna date him and I would like him to at least text me (Yes, he has my phone number) and give me that heartbreak I’m scared to get by myself. So, dude, please, make the right call in here. Thank you! ❤️

Bummer!!! How I forgot to make a wish for my birthday

Oh well, I am 27 now. Yaaaaay…yay!

This weekend I had a bit of everything and I was so caught up in the moment I even forgot to take pictures. Damn, I think this comes with the age, right? So, Friday, 17th was my birthday and after 2 hours of pouring my thoughts and tears on papers, I decided I won’t do anything to celebrate, except celebrating every single moment the way I feel like it. All went good and according to my non-planned plans.

17 to 27

Me at 17.  With my bff, taking selfies in a bar’s ladies room, at a total crap party with make-up and sexy cleavage. Bling bling as well. Mom has never approved.
Me at 27. Selfie again, but all by myself in a completely different place and mood. Day time, before evening and without any cleavage. Mom is proud.

How did I get here? When did I grow up? Have I really grown up? I remember when I was 14 and I decided 17 will be the best year ever – because I will be old enough to look hot and young enough not to have adult responsibilities. Well, this is exactly how I feel about this coming year. I am 27, old enough to look really hot and young enough not to have too many responsibilities. I kinda have in mind to have a lot of fun this year, because probably I will get marry the next one. Well probably not, but hey, a girl can dream, ok?

A wise man said that a woman only needs Dunkin Donuts and oral sex. That’s not true. First of all, where is pizza and beer in this picture?! See? This comes with the age. The older I get, the wiser I am.

I used to be quite dependent and surrounded by people even when I had to take a piss or cross the street. I guess I had a weird handicap, but now I have one even worse: spending time alone and talking to myself. I kinda force myself to like me, to look into my deepest spot and squeeze something out of it. I am curious about me more than the guys I fall in love with and sometimes I look at my pictures or read my blog and I am like “who’s that girl?” It’s Jess! haha, no, it’s me and …weird thing, I’m one of the most interesting persons I’ve ever met. No, really, I know you don’t believe me, but it’s only me who know my entire shit and how I manage to get all that together. So yeah, pizza and beer is required!

So this is why and what I celebrated this weekend. I cooked myself a nice breakfast, answer all the messages and phone calls, dressed up, went to school, the post office, then I did a bit of shopping, I biked on my favorite places in the city then I joined some of my classmates for plenty of drinks. It was good talking with people who have the same shit going on: stress of exams, boredom of current jobs, bad luck in dating or awesome dramas. I found out new things about people I used to know and the sweetest thing was my crush came by. You know that moment when the guy who you always noticed on the hallways and never pictured yourself with because he’s out of your league? Oh well, turned out I am out of his league and now I can move onto the next one. Which is also sad, cause now I have to find another crush to dress up when I am going to school. Haha, maybe now I am too old for that shit. :)))))

Anyway, I really enjoyed my party, especially because of the guys who made me laugh and boosted my ego to the sky and back. Apparently school buddies only know one thing about me.

Danish Guy 1: The blog. We all know about your pink blog.

Danish Guy 2: Yeah, we all read your blog.

Me: Well not when I write in Romanian!

2 Danish guys: GOOGLE TRANSLATE! duh!

DG1: Yeah, so I read your blog every week!

DG2: I read your blog every time you post something because I get a notification about that.

DG1: Oh, ok. I will subscribe with my email so I will be notified too every time you write something.

DG2: I also share all the posts with my friends. But I only share with everyone except you, so you don’t see that I shared it!

DG1: Yeah, so we know everything about you and your tinder dates.

DG2: Yeah, and we are quite upset you never write about us…

Here you go boys. Now I know who my only two readers are. Thank you! You made me laugh my ass off and I deserved it. I make a lot of people laughing after reading my blog and it’s actually one of my biggest outcomes. I came home after a long white night of partying and having a good time and what do I find on my desk? Lovely flowers and a Danish flag. Ah, I am so gonna miss my roommate!

One of my favourite places, Dronning Louises Bro, Queen Louise’s Bridge crossing The Lakes in Copenhagen
The moment when Christian had the speech for me and I blow it with my huge champagne bottle…


Thank you all of you. Those who were there, those who called me, those who made me laugh, those who wrote me lovely messages and those who thought about me. And most of all, those who are still here, in my mind and in my daily life.

Respect, peace and lots of love! ❤



ps: In Denmark they say that the weather on your birthday reflects your behaviour from the last year. I had an amazing weather until 6 pm when it started raining with sun still shinning and then 2 amazing rainbows popped out. Now how cool is that? I’ve been quite special. Don’t worry, the wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition. 😉

So all the Danes thanked me like I was the Queen. Figures!

Danish birthday party

E al doilea an implinit intr-o alta tara cu oameni pe care i-am cunoscut de cateva luni, dar cu care am impresia ca sunt prietena de ani.

Am invitat vreo 20 si au venit 12 – procentul consideratiei este bun iar cadourile au fost excelente! A meritat sa dau iar faliment inainte de salariu :))) cred ca toata lumea s-a imbatat, pardon, distrat si abia astept sa mai fie o data ziua mea – nu de alta dar chiar imi pare rau pentru absenti ;;)

Am evoluat: am 25 de ani, ma intretin 90% singura, am avut mai multi oameni langa mine, peste 200 de mesaje pe fb si raftul de cosmetice mi-e plin!!!! 😀

Multumesc!!!! Pe data viitoare!! :*


Happy everything to me

It’s 10:16. Should’ve been at school 2hours earlier and i am just in the first bus. It’s so sunny outside but i still cant wake up and be in time for classes. Today i am only going to school to be kissed. And say thank you. It is my birthdaaaaaay 😀

So i will go to school then shopping for an outfit. I am planning something to ve remembered for 😉 stay tune!!!!! And THANK YOU! :*

Rainbow cake!!!

Intr-o zi de 17, preferata mea am facut un tort. Bine, Cristina, o pisi talentata l-a facut si eu mi-am asumat toate creditele pentru ca: am insiropat blaturile, am pus crema si fructele apoi l-am tencuit cu frisca si scuipat cu stele! Have a look!


Constructia si ordinea!!




Si mancatul!



Aprilie in Tenerife

Multumesc vulcanilor oceanici pentru ca au creat franturi de paradis. Multumesc fortelor naturii pentru recifii de corali si scoicile uriase ce se inmultesc incredibil de interpretabil :)))

O mare albastra e ca un monstru viu si imblanzit. Pana ce il provoaca natura si se razbuna pe tot ce ii sta in cale… Nu as mai vrea atunci sa fiu in preajma.

Cand eram mica abia asteptam vara sa merg la mare. Aveam 4 luni cand am vazut prima data marea si de atunci aproape in fiecare an trebuia sa ajung la mare. In 2010 am fost chiar de 2 ori, iar in 2011 am vazut-o din mai mai multe tari. Senzatia pe care o aveam cand vedeam marea copil fiind, e o bucurie de nedescris: din tren, spre orizont, de unde soarele rasarea din apa. “Treziti-va, copii, sa vedeti rasaritul!” Era un must sa ma trezesc inainte cu 2 ore sa opreasca trenul sa privesc rasaritul si n-am zis niciodata “nu”. Cred sunt printre cele mai frumoase amintiri din copilarie. Cele 7 zile erau magice. O multime de prieteni (temporari, din pacate, pentru ca n-avem facebook, nici macar messenger pe atunci) de care o sa imi aduc aminte si pe care mi-as dori sa ii rentalnesc. Aventuri colindand statiunea (da, in Romania, asa era in anii ’90, dragii mamei), aventuri la discoteca – unde intram mintind ca mi-am uitat buletinul acasa – doamne, cat mai asteptam sa implinesc 17 ani, sa ma lase si pe mine sa ma machiez, sa stau mai mult seara, sa fiu adolescenta ! acum nici nu stiu unde au zburat ultimii 7 ani, sau ce am facut atata vreme.

Stiti sentimentul despartirii de cineva drag? un prieten sau un viitor fost prieten? exact asa era in ziua cand plecam de la mare. Cel putin jumatate de drum cand derulam tot ce am facut. Cealalta jumatate era curiozitatea de ce ne asteapta nou acasa. Cel mai dureros era cand plecam indragostita si stiam ca nu ne vom mai vedea niciodata (marea era la 12 ore distanta cu trenul si un an pana data viitoare).

Daca in ultimii doi ani am vazut marea de 7 ori, anul acesta o vad in fiecare zi. Din martie 2012 m-am mutat in Tenerife. Da, stiu, aici nu e mare, e ditamai oceanul. Si nu e Bulgaria in vecini, ci tocmai Africa. E incredibil tot arhipelagul. Vulcanii, cactusii, palmierii soparlele si chiar si soparlele – un imens pamant nascut din mare ce lasa viata sa se dezvolte. Pana acum n-am fost decat pe Tenerife ; Gomera se vede extraordinar – zici ca e un dinozaur adormit ce e pe cale sa fie calcat pe coada. Sincer, ma sperie imensitatea naturii din centrul insulei sau puterea oceanului cand e nervos. Sunt si istorisiri despre cum poate disparea oricand aceasta insula printr-o crepatura adanca depeste un km ce s-a format in centrul ei. Daca o jumatate de insula se scufunda se va forma un val ce va ajunge chiar si in SUA ce va sterge omenirea. Planeta noastra pare a fi un glob de apa cu insule plutitoare ce au cateva miliarde de ani vechime si tot atea populatie umana. Restul sunt plante, animale si cativa dintre fostii mei prieteni. Glumeeeeeeesc ! :)))

Anyway, sa trecem la treaba !!! In primul rand, pe 17 aprilie, am implinit aproape 25 de ani. Partea buna e ca a fost o petrecere chiar tare (cu tort, sampanie, cocktailuri, trandafiri si muuulte shoturi), dar partea rea e ca m-am cam inmuiat si tre’ sa incep sa merg la sala. In al doilea rand m-am facut asistenta de magician ! Alex, prietenul nostru din Tenerife s-a inspirat de la prietenul nostru Cristi Gog din Cluj si s-a facut magician. Impreuna am invatat o multime de trucuri si urmeaza sa avem primul nostru spectacol pentru romanii din Tenerife fix de ziua lui Alex, pe 26 aprilie. Asadar, cei care doriti sa ne vedeti, va rog trimiteti « magic fixpink » la nr de telefon 1234* pentru live show. Tarif indubitabil :))

Sunt deja de peste o luna in Tenerife. Azi a fost o zi faina. Foarte calda pentru plaja, m-a muscat pentru prima data o meduza, am ajutat la transformarea unui pub si am invatat un truc nou de magie. Imi plac mai mult zilele productive in care suntem activi. Bineinteles ca cele mai frumoase sunt cele in care vizitam cate o bucata din insula : ba Teidele, ba Gigantii, ba Masca, ba un alt resort luxos sau pur si simplu cunoastem oameni noi. Aici diversitatea si frumusetea te scoate din casa si iti da posibilitatea sa zici in fiecare zi “wow, suntem in Tenerife!”

Luna aprilie, cu tot cu sarbatorile ei, e doar o alta luna de venit in vacanta pentru turisti. Aici e greu sa fii localnic si sa mergi in fiecare zi la job cand vezi mii de turisti ce cauta doar relaxare ziua si distractie noasptea. Te enerveaza. Dar ce misto e sa n-ai grijile din Romania, sa nu te plictesesti de anotimpurile si schimbarile lor, de aceleasi localuri si aceleasi obiceiuri greu de schimbat. Fara suparare, dragi prieteni, mi-e dor de voi, dar va prefer aici unde putem merge la plaja tot anul, nu doar la strand in weekend si unde putem vedea si muntele si marea in aceeasi zi. Nu contest si recunosc ca mi-e dor de Cluj unde sunt cateva locuri superbe si de neilocuit, dar per total, mai degraba stau pe plaja decat in parc. Imi doresc sa pot sa raman cat mai mult prin locuri asa frumoase, sa vad si altele si sa imi gasesc locul preferat. Mai am in plan o alta tara anul acesta, dar inca va las in suspans.

Sper ca ati avut sarbatori frumoase, ca aprilie v-a adus bucurii si va multumesc pentru urarile si gandurile bune trimise. Mie mi s-a stricat cartela fix de ziua mea si telefonul mi-e stricat pana joi cand primesc pachet din tara (deci trimiteti-mi acum ce v-a ramas:)))