The WORST Master’s Degrees for Jobs in 2017 (sorry, designers)



Day 22, 23,…30: volunteering days

Yup. Another week has passed and I have been helping three different organisations making money. For free. From my good heart and soul. And because I don't know how to ask for money. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret it. I love helping people and my main contribution is teaching them how to do things... Continue Reading →

Dear Georgie,

I wanna ask you so many questions now... I can't stop thinking about you. Since this morning when I saw your Facebook wall full of memories people have of you... I can't help thinking why? Why didn't I say more to you when you were alive? Why was I afraid you gonna die, or that... Continue Reading →

Do I Do or Do I don’t?

I met the guy I think I would marry. He's amazing! Smart, funny, good looking... well actually he's intelligent in the way that makes me listen to him and become nervous whenever I have to reply... He makes me laugh when he weirdly stresses words with his native accent or when he's too serious - I think... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Giving to Women in Focus

Women in Focus is a new project that aims to a world of equality! Isn't that wonderful? Its founder, the lovely Rikke Topp, is a Danish former top director of a multinational company who believes in following your heart. After fifteen years of executive leadership experience, Rikke left her comfort zone to discover her true self.... Continue Reading →

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