Day 22, 23,…30: volunteering days

Yup. Another week has passed and I have been helping three different organisations making money. For free. From my good heart and soul. And because I don’t know how to ask for money.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it. I love helping people and my main contribution is teaching them how to do things better or contributing to their content. ‘Cause I have good communication skills. Except with the men in my life. That’s a whole different blog post! So when I will be rich enough to pay someone, I will definitely need a PA – a personal assistant or an agent who can make my working deals a little bit more profitable for me.

Here are my last week’s givings as a part of my #365Give Challenge

day 22: I wrote to Georgie a goodbye letter from all my heart

day 23: I volunteered to host a fashion and tech workshop where I smiled and welcomed everyone in the most positive way. Also, I made two girls feeling better about themselves by letting them be… Sometimes people need that. 😉

day 24: I volunteered to hold the door for everyone participating to a finance event. For an hour. That was probably the most boring job I ever had. Cleaning hotels are more fun! 😑

day 25: I gave a free t-shirt to a stranger girl that loved the one I was wearing. I think she’ll remember me fine whenever she will wear it 😍

day 26: I hosted a dinner at my place for three of my friends. We had the best Thai food in town. Neat, right?

day 27: I said yes to helping Women in Focus org

day 28: I brought coffee to my desk colleague and helped him get his tasks done – he said that was sweet

day 29: I contributed 20% to my team common goal (we are 12 people so this should be good)

day 30: I wrote a blog post for free for another website.

Days 11, 12, … 21: Giving Energy, Smiles, Comments, … Hands & Jumps

It’s been 10 days of me not concentrating on giving one particular thing, but just adapting to the routine of an adult. I started working on a full-time schedule in an office with lots of different characters.

It has been interesting, fun, exciting, stressful, funny, boring, hard, annoying … you name it. Just like any other job, right?

Work. Work. Work. If you say it fast enough I will think it sounds like twerk. No? Oh, well… This is the funniest I can be now. However, I’ve been giving a lot. Of myself mainly. Using my own energy to make people enjoy themselves around me.

Day 11: I worked out at home until I couldn’t move my glutes properly. I still have some unwanted stomach fat which I am giving away for free!! Anyone?? 😀 #365GiveChallenge

Day 12: I worked extra hours unpaid just so I could make my superiors proud of me. And myself. Not sure the stress I put myself through was any other good than learning not to do it again.

Day 13: I was nice to a couple of people. I didn’t tell them anything negative and I made them smile with a few honest compliments.

Day 14: I made someone a sandwich.

Day 15: I gave so many damns tears came as a bonus.

Day 16: I gave away bits of my confidence and energy someone got a fantasy come true. Somewhere in Australia.

Day 17: I gave someone a page from my diary where I wrote my honest feelings about them

Day 18: I gave a great feedback to my supervisor. Really. They should promote me!

Day 19: I sent my good thoughts to someone in the past.

Day 20: I kissed a boy. 🙈 Very altruistic of me, right?

Day 21: I started volunteering for Techfestival. So see you there this week!


Techfestival volunteers
Techfestival 2017 crew