How I Found My New Job on Tinder

I swiped right.

The end.


Oh, you want the long version? Ok.

It was a dull grey day of February this year and I was a month old unemployed graduate laying in my bed. It must have been past noon when I finished replying to everyone and I went back on swiping.

I can’t remember exactly what exactly I was looking on Tinder that time, but it was my second last season. I got nothing else but time back then. So I did spend a few extra seconds actually reading people’s profiles. And there it was. Marketing Campaign Specialist. Bam! I instantly swiped right and it was definitely a match. Little that I knew that was one of the best matches ever!

The marketing campaign specialist agreed to meet me for a coffee and it was really cozy, although we mostly talked about how he got the job, at my request, of course. He suggested I should apply. I said, “Ok”. It took me 8 months. Not to prepare, but to work for free, spend a very short last summer season on Tinder, do some travels, internships, and volunteering, before I came across to the campaign specialist’ company again. I actually texted him saying, “hey, I am about to apply”. “Good luck!” he said. Then I got invited for an interview. “Hmm, that was fast”. Wondered if my Tinder match put a word for me? We met the second time and he said: “No, I didn’t mention you. If anything, that’s on you”. Well, thank you, mister! What a jerk, right? 😀 just kidding. He’s the nicest guy!

How did you find out about this job?

The recruiter asked me.

Well… you’ll laugh, but it was from a Tinder date.

She laughed hard.

I know it’s funny, I added, but just imagine my story if I get the job! 😀

To be honest, I wasn’t sure she’ll get me the job after saying that, but I guess I was a good match. And here is my story!

You’re welcome!

PS: this is for all those who can’t find love on Tinder.

Moral: find something else!