Desperate to Be Happy

You plan everything. Every minute, every day, month and so you know what the whole year is gonna be about. Everything is carefully planned and nothing comes randomly in your life. Therefore, happiness is part of a very strict program which, if you haven’t learned, might cause you some trouble because, in every second, at every corner there she is, the mistress, the lady in red, or even the misses: Depression. Not having a clear schedule, and having too much time to think, has become her favorite setting and you are her favorite soul to embrace. So you need to have a nice place, speak a certain language, read inspirational quotes and modern personal development books and SHARE it with the world. However, it’s absolutely mandatory to look as natural and spontaneous as it can get in all the pictures.

That’s right. Nowadays, happiness has become a defined, clear portrait and a sum of boxes you need to check. It’s a program induced by the world we’re living in that we are self-learning. But this program cannot be sufficient if it’s not exposed. Once you check the house, the job, the partner and all the other accessories, you have to share it with your friends and the rest of the people you might not even know. Because if you say it out loud that you are happy, no one can take it away from you! And you better be the first at it. That will drive the others to follow you and you’ll feel good about yourself, you will have a feeling of belongingness.

After you understand and accept your belonging in the world, there comes the chase. For “quality time”. This is the mother buzzword for the contemporary coinage in communication. So there you are, at your #perfect #workplace, at the #gym #afterwork, having #dinnerWithFriends or with the #fam. We all know and see it, ‘cause you never miss a chance to share it with the most colourful shots. Everything is about quality: the evenings, the weekends, the scrambled eggs, the sun, that new dress, those details on grandma’s old chairs, the memories, nature, oh, them trees… Not to mention the vitally of the city you live in, the windows, the movement, the people, the smiles, the wind, oh the life! Happiness has to be about all of these elements and it’s shown in every photo, album, and social media account of yours. That’s right. What blows your mind in your notion of happiness and what translates for you into “quality time” is definitely on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Forget that you have the same friends all over, them seeing your story three times will make you look even happier and they surely will look up to you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 02.03.36.png

You’d think they shouldn’t look nor react to it if they don’t like it. Plus, you know, deep down, that the world would be emptier without your inspirational content. This is how the model works. Happiness is a program you need to learn, follow and share. Otherwise, you will… what? What’s the other option? Being mysterious, private, with yourself, your physical scrapbooks, a pen and a diary, a few people around and hangouts with people you haven’t seen for ages just to replace a Netflix show with some reality where you get to react? What is that, you ask? That could be another way of living the same life in a different dimension where you don’t need to desperately be happy. You just are. 🙂


Have a great weekend ahead!


Post inspired after reading this Romanian piece of good newspaper.