When all you get is a bunch of sorrys

No matter how sunny is outside, how great is your mood and how determined you are to share your amazing views on the world…

… some days are full of texts, phone calls and emails that sound just like this:

  • Sorry, you were wonderful, but we chose someone with more experience for our unpaid internship position. But I am sure you will find a job in no time with your skills and personality!
  • Sorry, you need at least one-year experience in the field to be granted this visa in Australia!
  • Sorry, we need a Danish speaker for our openings.
  • Sorry, I have some bad news, my boss said he’s not interested in someone like you…
  • Sorry, I can’t make it today, sweetie.
  • Sorry, I am not in town.
  • Sorry, I can’t make it for your birthday…


But then you smoke something and develop a great ability to read between the lines, so everything you heard turns into:

  • You have a wonderful personality and a great skillset that will take you to the right workplace!
  • You can hang out and have fun in Denmark for at least one more year before moving down under.
  • Hey, you just got another reason to keep taking those Danish classes!
  • If he doesn’t want you, well then it’s his loss 😉
  • He’s not coming? No worries mate, there is nobody who can enjoy your company more than you do. 😉
  • Not in this town? Hopefully, he’s in some place you’ve never been and he’s gonna tell you all about you later.
  • Not coming to your birthday… Well, this is a heartbreaking one, but hey, you can celebrate your birthday any other day of the year. I promise!

Some days the Universe is blocking all the ways for you to get where you want, but this is just to tell you that you need to change your path. So smile and say hello to new opportunities! 🙂