Happy New Year, Netflix and Chill!

I’m 12 days late. Well, not that kind of late cause I didn’t do it… mostly because one of my friends wished me to get pregnant this year and I got really paranoid about it. I said to her “wish that to yourself, [bitch] I am still young and have lots of things to do before splitting my molecules into another human being aka huge responsibility!”. I mean, I just graduated… I need to try the adult life a bit. All those stories 9 to 5 people told me, like how tired they are and their stupid gorgeous bosses… I want to see if they’re real. 😀 Oh, and I am not sure who I want the father of my child to be just yet. My astrologist says I have some problems in that area. I want to spend the rest of my life with only one guy, but there are too many men out there worth loving. Apparently, I was born under Venus’ watch and that messes up all my relationships.

So, I am here to wish you all a happy new year and that whatever you love may come true and stick around. I know that’s what I want :P. Oh, and stop complaining about your jobs, you can always choose to pass them off (or to others; like me). I am ready to go back to work this year, have awesome colleagues and a super cute, sweet, smart boss ^^.

Another wish I have for you is Netflix and Chill! It’s all inclusive: entertainment, meditation, information, education, company, distractions etc., (Downside/Upside: you have to order pizza).

Oh, and no more dating apps. Unless you know what you want and you know it’s there. 😉


PS: Would you read my book if I write it?? ↓↓↓


missing stars

– Back home, in Romania, my parents live in this beautiful place where nature has the main part. Lots of trees, a big river, farm animals, vegetables, berries…

– Can you see the stars from there?

– … Well of course!

– When I was a kid I used to lay back in the garden to watch the stars and think about how small we are in the Universe comparing to what’s out there. But now there is this veil … and I haven’t seen them for a long time.

This was my 8am convo with a lovely Danish woman and an extraordinary teacher. I have never thought of not seeing the stars on a clear sky. But it’s true, I haven’t seen a lot of stars on the Danish sky either.

It’s 1am now and I’m looking at the sky. Only 1 star is shinning from my window. 😦

This summer I will be back home just to lay down on the ground and look up until they fall. Then wishing…

Because I miss dem beautiful stars!

Why I Wanna Have Kids

He will be cute, blonde with brown eyes and he will talk since day one! haha – i will learn the baby language and we will always have long night chats!

He will know when to shut up and i will understand all his whining about me – definitely we would be best friends!

i will give him books and let him play all day long!

He will read sounds and paint feelings!

He will listen and do whatever he wants just because i will let him make mistakes!

He will always know how young he is and how old he will be.

He will constantly make me feel extremely stupid and proud in the same time!

I will grow and live again from the beginning next to the perfect human being who’s actually a part of me. 🙂

His father will be so much better in raising him than me -funny and caring just as much as needed. And again, i will be frustrated but damn proud of myself!

And everytime i will feel down someone will raise me up!